Disney World: Tips for Getting the Most out of the Mouse

Aloha Mesh readers! My name is Caitlin Murdock and I’ll be your guest on the blog today. I’m a senior at The King’s University, enchilada connoisseur, and lover of all things Disney. I’ve been blessed to have traveled to Disney World in Florida almost one hundred times in my short life (Yeah…I know) and I’m here to share with you my top 5 tips on making your time at Disney a magical one, wether you’re there for two weeks in the summer or a weekend trip anytime!


The great thing about Disney parks is that they are truly geared toward the whole family. I took my first trip to Disney when I was a toddler, and there hasn’t been a time that I’ve been back where I haven’t had a wonderful time. Yes, even during my moody teenage years. I even think I get more out of our trips now that I’m an adult than I did as a child. As amazing as it is, Disney can be an overwhelming experience for first time guests. So I’m finally putting my Disney obsession to good use (besides getting perfect scores on those BuzzFeed quizzes) to bring you some tips on getting the most out of your Disney experience!

1. Plan Ahead!

Perhaps the most overwhelming thing about Disney is the sheer number of options of ways to spend your day. At Walt Disney World alone there are theme parks, restaurants, shopping, and water sports. Not to mention all the gorgeous resorts you’re gonna want to go visit. The best way to get the most out of your vacation is to plan ahead. Do your research and know exactly what your must-do’s are and carve out specific time for those. This is especially important if you’re planning a weekend trip to get the most out of your short time there!

2. Slow Down.

With so much to do at Disney, it is so easy to get sucked into the “I gotta see it all” mode that you forget to slow down and enjoy the experience. Before you go, It’s important to remember that you cannot see it all. You just can’t. If you slow down and make the vacation about spending time and making memories with your loved ones, you are much more likely to get the most out of your time there. You’ll also catch much more of the Disney magic this way. Some of my most meaningful and memorable experiences at Disney have come from those unplanned moments where we decided to slow down and invest in one another.

IMG_0111 (1)

3. Get to the Parks Early.

I get it. You’re on vacation and you want to sleep in and enjoy your morning before you hit the parks. But trust me on this one, get to the parks right when they open. The parks don’t start to get crowded till a couple hours after they open, so if you get there early you’ll be able to get in almost all of your must-do’s before lunch. This gives you the rest of the day to leisurely enjoy the park or go back to your hotel for a nap and a swim.

4. Get Excited!

For my family and I, the anticipation leading up to the trip is almost as exciting as the trip itself! Try to plan some fun disney-themed activities in the weeks leading up to the trip to help everyone get excited for the vacation. Some ideas include: Disney movie nights, a Disney trip countdown chain, nightly Disney planning sessions, and making a playlist of all your favorite Disney music to listen to in the car.

IMG_1538 (1)

5. Don’t Wait

So many times I hear parents saying how they want to wait until their child is old enough to enjoy and remember a Disney vacation. While I understand the reasons behind this, parents can also miss out on their child’s prime “Disney years” by waiting too long. There really is nothing quite like seeing a toddler’s eyes light up when they meet their favorite character or watch their first parade. If you don’t rush around and take the time to go back for an afternoon nap, Disney can be the perfect place to bring your little one. My parents were dragging my sister around the Magic Kingdom at 10 weeks old…if they can do it so can you!

I hope these tips helped you in planning your Disney vacation and brought a little magic to your day! As Mickey would say…See ya real soon!


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